First and foremost...
 The Boys & Girls Club of Greater New Bedford is the 3rd oldest club in the United Sates (USA). Incorporated back in 1871. 

The Keystone Club is the Boys & Girls Club's most dynamic teen program.  It is also a nationally chartered group of teens, run by teens. The program club focuses on leadership development and character building for young people. Keystone members elect officers, choose their own activities. (Social as well as Community events) Some of those activities include food or clothes drives, club dances, teen nights, teen lock-ins and other various club and community activities.  

With the guidance of Club staff (Keystone Advisor), members ages 13-18 gain hands-on experiences planning and participating in projects that encourage career growth, academic success as well as volunteerism. A national charter entitles a Keystone Club to participate in regional and national Keystone conferences. 

As one of the premier teen character and leadership programs in America, Keystone Clubs help teen members become more productive citizens and leaders. Through engaging character and leadership development opportunities, Keystoning fosters positive peer interactions, encourages good citizenship and gives our nation’s youth a voice.

The Keystone Initiative is graciously funded by the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens. The foundation supports BGCA through its long-standing sponsorship of the national Keystone program, and most dynamic teen program within the Boys and Girls Club of America, Inc. organization, with more than 1,100 Keystone Clubs nationwide.

For more information please visit:  http://www.bgca.org