We know you got em?
 We'll do our BEST to answer them!

This is the our CONFIDENTIAL Teen Support Line! 
We will do our best to answer those "touchy" maybe even "embarrassing" questions, that ALL teens want to know... but sometimes are to afraid to ask.

This is how it works.

         1.   Send us your questions via email to LetsTalkBGC@gmail.com.

         2.   We will then, either answer your question ourselves, or submit your questions to our                 professional network of health and/or other professional partners on your behalf.

         3.   Then we get back to you via email!

 It's THAT easy!

We don't track your email, and it's all done CONFIDENTIALLY.


"There is no such thing as a Dumb Question!"

EMAIL US...   @   LetsTalkBGC@gmail.com 

You have no reason not to...   :)